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Selection of the correct refrigeration or the best contractor (we all use similar suppliers) can only be achieved if the correct, specific criteria for the set load, products, ambient temperature, location, area cooled, design temperature etc. are known.

Generally as a minimum we need to know the type of product and:-

  1. Product temperature entering controlled space
  2. Product quantity in kilograms
  3. Final temperature of product
  4. Time of cooling cycle

Refrigeration engineers can advise clients based on technical factors and also based on experiences, a system too large can be as bad as one too small.

Materials handling is also a factor, a six pallet room is not much use if you have to take out two pallets to get to the other four.

It is important to gather as much information as to you can and talk to a suitably qualified company, and if we can’t help you , we’ll recommend someone who can!

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