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C & S Coolroom's COOL CUBE HIRE has a fleet of mobile coolrooms, both skid or trailer mounted.

These units which come in various sizes are the ideal solution for your short and long term needs. Cool Cubes Hire have a wide range of applications from private parties to large commercial uses.

They are easy to install, extremely cost effective and can give you extra capacity needed during peak periods or provide on-going back up.


Our small units at 2050mm high overall are designed to fit into a garage or under a carport.

At 3 cubic metres and shelving down both sides they suit any small party or event. Generous refrigeration capacity maintains a foodsafe 2-4 degrees.

Rates vary on area for delivery and time hired.



Large mobiles, nominal 7 cubic metres are 2400 x 1800 x 2050 mm high external.

Refrigeration units are generally mounted on the A frame although some are available as packages and run as low as -10 degrees.

Entry is through a rear mounted door. Units have brakes, stability legs and rear step.

Rates vary on area for delivery and time hired.


kid mounted rooms for longer term or large event are delivered via tilt tray (slide off) or can be fork lifted.

With a nominal 14 cubic metre volume, some with side wall shelving, refrigeration is provided from a condensing unit located under.

External sizes are 2450mm high, 2000mm wide and vary in length from 3600 to 4200mm

Rates vary on area for delivery and time hired.

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